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terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

Martina Trchova - Barvy Ženy

Martina Trchova is a Czech singer, an artist and a fantastic woman (see her website)! Her latest project is called Colours of Women (originally Barvy Ženy), as it involves 4 female artists from 4 different countries: 

Martina Trchova from Czech Republic
Ana Lagidze, from Georgia
Lesya Demchenko, originally from Ukraine but living in Turkey
Takako Morishita, from Japan

The event will be held in Hradec na Moravici, here in Czech Republic, on August 30th. It will start with a concert from Martina herself and her Trio, and later on there will be artistic workshops guided by the 4 women. The artists come from different background and generations, which is expressed by the way they approach and see art.

To make the meeting of these 4 women successful, Martina needs all the help she can get. Please visit the website of the project HERE, where you can read more about this project and make your contribution by buying rewards. She has already gathered the minimum necessary funds to make sure the event will happen, but in order to cover the travel costs of all artists she needs to gather more. 
Now, many of you live very far away from Czech Republic, so rewards like singing classes, or art workshops will not work, but you can buy paintings, art works, or a CD from Martina Trchova and Trio. I will be helping Martina shipping the rewards to you, so you don't have to worry. 

To make it easier here's the list of shippable rewards, and the approximate prices in Euros and US dollars. All contributions are welcome!

 95 CZK (€3, $4) - Poster signed by all the artists
150 CZK (€5, $7) - Posters and photographs with the artists
300 CZK (€10, $14) - Art prints of Himalayan Travel Diary - size A3 (by Martina Trchova, choose here)
400 CZK (€14, $19) - Original painting using Linocut technique (by Martina Trchova, choose here)
500 CZK (€18, $24) - Original painting of Autumn in Czech Siberia (České Sibiri by Martina Trchova)
600 CZK (€21, $28) - CD by Martina Trchova and Original Graphics

I think this will be a very entertaining and interesting event, and I will be there as one of the photographers, so you will be able to read about Barvy Zeny soon again.

Martina and I thank you all!

Martina Trchova, 2014

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