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sexta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2015

Swedish Box

O quê? Não me digas que já houve alguém na Suécia a imitar a ideia da Tuga Box???
Não... foram só os pais do J. que nos vieram visitar!

What? Was there already someone in Sweden copying the idea of the Tuga Box???
No... J.'s parents came to visit us and brought all these things!

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  1. Very nice! I wonder what I would want in my Tuga Box.

    1. If I would put up a box for you, from Portugal, I would include "snow flakes" candy, a bag of matches like chips, cans of sardines and tuna, jams and tea from Azores and my mom's chourizo (which would not get there in proper condition...). Maybe I would include some recipes on how to use some of the ingredients in the portuguese way ;)

  2. Great parcel. I see that Rooibos from South African tea is also known in Sweden.

    1. I told my boyfriend's parents about your comment. They said a few years ago a magazine published a list of the best teas sold in Sweden and this was among them. It's delicious! It was the first time I tried it but it seems to be very popular in Sweden.


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