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Born and raised Portuguese. I have lived in Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic and now I'm in the beautiful Sweden.
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sábado, 26 de maio de 2018

2 months later

Dear readers (if I still have some),

Apparently, my last post was more than 2 months ago, which was not really planned but it's understandable if I look back at those days. The last two months have been very intense and full of special occasions. I will slowly post more about everything, so that you get to read more details and see photos, but in a nutshell here's what I have been doing.

- At the end of March my parents, sister and boyfriend came to Sweden for the first time. It was 10 very intensive days of showing them around and enjoying their company. 

- In one of those days me and Johan got officially married.

- After they left we were happy but tired and I had a conference to organise at work. It was also very intense, many extra hours at work, most of them having fun. I had missed conferences and it was great to be in that world again.  

- In the middle of April, we found a project for a new complex of apartments being built at the moment. We looked more into it, fell in love with it and the area where it's being built, and ended up buying a flat there. We were looking into buying something, but didn't expect it to happen so fast.

- In the first weekend of May we travelled to Portugal, where we would hold our wedding party in the second weekend. We spent a lot of time organising and preparing everything, but it was totally worth it and we had a wonderful day.

- The down side was that due to all these exciting things we couldn't really train properly and we failed to run our favourite race: Gothenburg's half marathon, last weekend. It was the first time I was registered for a race and didn't run it. I am, however, already registered for next year! No excuses then!

Now, we are finally enjoying quiet and relaxed days. It was a lot going on constantly and a lot to think and take care, and it feels good to go back to a slower pace. Even for me!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time and I also hope to be able to catch up on your blogs soon.

quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2018

Athens, the food

I had been in Greece before and the one thing I never forgot was the food. I remembered eating a lot of fresh salads, grilled fish and meat, cheese and finishing it off with some greek frozen yoghurt. I was there with my sister in 2012 and we had our favourite place in Athens to eat greek frozen yoghurt. It was the creamiest, tastiest frozen yoghurt we have ever had and when I told her I was going back she told me I had to try to find this place. 

It was not an easy mission because we only remembered how it looked like just outside, but had no idea how to get there. It took me a few days, and I had to go back to the hotel where I stayed with my sister to find out the right street, but I found it. Unfortunately, when I finally found the shop I saw that it had become a fast food restaurant with some very dodgy pizzas. It was the disappointment of the trip as I had talked really highly of this place to Johan. 

To make up for it we decided to try all the frozen yoghurts we came across and we found some good ones. We also found a Greek yoghurt bar, where one could add different toppings to it. The most traditional and super delicious toppings are walnuts and honey. It is to die for!! Especially because the yoghurt itself is just so incredibly good. Interestingly, I don't have any pictures of frozen yoghurt. I guess I was always too busy enjoying it, but I do have some from our meals. 

Já tinha estado na Grécia antes e se houve coisa que nunca esqueci foi a comida. Lembrava-me de ter comido muitas saladas frescas, peixe e carne grelhados, queijos e de comer iogurte grego gelado. Estive lá com minha irmã em 2012 e encontramos o nosso lugar favorito em Atenas para comer iogurte gelado grego. Foi o iogurte gelado mais cremoso e saboroso que alguma vez provamos e quando lhe disse que ia voltar, ela disse-me que eu tinha que tentar encontrar o mesmo sítio.

Não foi uma missão fácil, porque nós só nos lembrávamos de como se parecia por fora, mas não fazia ideia de como chegar lá. Demorou alguns dias e tive que voltar ao hotel onde tinha ficado com a minha irmã para descobrir a rua certa, mas encontrei-a. Infelizmente quando finalmente encontrei a loja vi que se tinha tornado num restaurante de fast food com pizzas muito duvidosas. Foi a desilusão total uma vez que tinha falado mesmo muito dele também com o Johan.

Para compensar decidimos experimentar todos os iogurtes gelados que encontramos e encontramos muitos bons. Também encontramos um bar de iogurte grego, onde se podiam adicionar toppings diferentes. Os ingredientes mais tradicionais e super deliciosos são as nozes e o mel e é de chorar por mais!! Especialmente porque o iogurte já por si é tão incrivelmente bom. Curiosamente, não tenho nenhuma foto dos iogurtes ou gelados. Estive sempre demasiado ocupada a come-los, mas tenho algumas fotos das nossas refeições.


 Bread, eggplant mash (it had a name...) and Dakos salad (my favourite!)
Pão, puré de beringela (tinha um nome... ) e salada Dakos (a minha preferida)

 Salads, cheeses and wine - it could hardly get better
Saladas, queijos e vinho - não há nada melhor

House wine in a plastic bottle and surprise surprise, it was good!
Vinho da casa em garrafa de plástico e não é que era bom!

Bread, salad and tzatziki / Pão, salada e tzatziki
Filled peppers / Pimentos recheados

Another Dakos salad / Mais uma salada Dakos

Greek salad / Salada Grega

It was all so good and so simple at the same time. I want to go back...
Tudo tão bom e tão simples ao mesmo tempo. Quero voltar...

If you go don't miss Fresko, the yoghurt bar and Coco's, for ice cream or frozen yoghurt.
Se forem a Atenas não percam Fresko, o bar de iogurte e Coco's, para comer gelado ou frozen yogurt.

Fresko (photo from the internet)
Fresko (photo from the internet)

Coco's (photo from the internet)

So, did you get hungry? Me too. Sorry!
Então, ficaram com fome? Eu também. Desculpem!

segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

domingo, 11 de março de 2018

Athens - Greece

Greece is a country of contrasts and its capital city Athens does not reflect the entire country. It is well known for its beautiful islands, in which the sun kisses the sea during beautiful sunsets and life slows down to a more relaxed pace. 
Athens, on the other hand, it's crowded, noisy and seems to never stop. Its streets breathe history and each wall has witnessed countless remarkable events. 
A lot has been written about Athens and I could write myself several posts about my trip, but I'll keep it simple and show you the highlights. Johan had a conference there and I joined him for a long weekend. It was much warmer than Sweden and it was nice to get away from the routines of work and school. 

A Grécia é um país de extremos e a sua capital Atenas não reflete todo o país. A Grécia é bem conhecida pelas ilhas encantadoras, em que o sol beija o mar durante o pôr-do-sol inesquecível e a velocidade de vida desacelera para um ritmo mais relaxado.
Atenas, por outro lado, é cheia de gente, barulhenta e dá a sensação de nunca parar. As ruas respiram história e cada parede testemunhou inúmeros eventos notáveis.
Muita coisa foi já escrita sobre Atenas e eu própria poderia escrever vários posts sobre a minha viagem. Em vez disso escolhi fazer um post mais simples com os destaques. O Johan teve uma conferência em Atenas e eu fui ter com ele fazendo um fim de semana alargado. Estava mais quente do que na Suécia e foi bom sair das rotinas do trabalho e da escola.

 Olympic stadium / Estádio Olimpico

 The Roman Agora of Athens

The Library of Hadrian


 Temple of Hephaistos in the Ancient Agora

   The Pantheon in the Acropolis

  Odeon of Herodes Atticus (an amphitheater)

 The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Change of the guard / A mudança da guarda

 Sunday morning is time to be outside and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends
Domingo de manhã é tempo de sair e tomar um café com os amigos

A taste of the islands in Athens, a corner we only found because we were listening to Rick Steve's podcast of Athens.
Um pedaço das ilhas em Atenas, um canto que só encontramos porque ouvimos o podcast de Rick Steve sobre Atenas.

These are really just the highlights because we walked around everywhere and visited everything, always listening to our private guide Rick Steve (obviously joking... we had his podcasts, which are very good!).  If you have never been you should really do it. If not for the history do it for the wonderful food and the frozen greek yoghurt.

Estes são realmente apenas os destaques porque andamos por todos o lado e visitamos tudo, sempre acompanhados pelo nosso guia privado Rick Steve (obviamente estou a brincar... ouvimos os seus podcasts, que são muito bons!). Se nunca foram a Atenas, vão. Se não forem pela história, vão pela comida maravilhosa e o iogurte grego gelado.

sábado, 10 de março de 2018

Sara Jump - Marstrand

Nothing better to keep you warm than to jump up and down!
Nada melhor para nos mantermos quentes do que pular para cima e para baixo!

Marstrand, Sweden - November 2017

sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2018

Christmas market - Marstrand

Marstrand is a beautiful island just north of Gothenburg and any excuse to go there is good. It is of course much more pleasant to walk around the island in the summer, see another post here, especially because it gets windy and humid in the winter. But when I saw in the newspaper that Marstrand would have a Christmas market in the middle of November, when I was having exams and tests every week and really needed a break, we didn't hesitate and decided to go. 

Marstrand é uma ilha linda a norte de Gotemburgo e qualquer desculpa serve para lá ir. Claro que é muito mais agradável passear pela ilha no verão, como escrevi aqui, especialmente porque no inverno é muito ventosa e húmida. No entanto quando vi no jornal que Marstrand teria um mercado de Natal em meados de novembro, andava eu a ter exames e testes todas as semanas e a precisar de uma pausa, não hesitávamos e decidimos ir.

The market itself was a big disappointment, but the island was beautiful as always. Having lived in Prague my concept of Christmas market is clearly different. Or maybe it was not the concept but the size. And the prices. 

O mercado em si foi uma grande decepção, mas a ilha estava bonita como sempre. Tendo vivido em Praga, o meu conceito de mercado de Natal é claramente diferente do daqui. Ou talvez não fosse o conceito mas o tamanho. E os preços.

Outside the fortress / A fortaleza do lado de fora

I had imagined the patio of the fortress full of tends selling mulled wine, hot dogs and pancakes. I had dreamed with Christmas lights decorating the walls and reindeers here and there. There was none of that. Outside the decorations were very limited and all the tents were inside. The food hall was in a dark room and although there were not that many stalls it was super crowded and it was very hard to move around or even get to the front to see what was being sold. 

Imaginei o pátio da fortaleza cheio de tendas a vender vinho quente, cachorros quentes e panquecas. Sonhei com luzes de Natal a decorar as paredes e renas espalhadas aqui e ali. Não havia nada disso. As decorações eram muito limitadas e não havia tendas na rua. Havia uma sala escura com barracas que vendiam comida ou ingredientes. Apesar de não serem assim tantas tendinhas estava super cheio de gente e era muito difícil andar ou até chegar à frente para ver o que estava a ser vendido.

The main patio inside the fortress / O páteo principal da fortaleza

Apart from that there was a cute handicraft market held inside the tower of fortress. We had to wait outside in the cold for 15 minutes but it was worth it because the space although small was nice and the crafts interesting. 

Além disso havia um mercado de artesanato giro dentro da torre da fortaleza. Tivemos que esperar na rua ao frio durante 15 minutos, mas valeu a pena porque o espaço embora pequeno era melhor e as peças interessantes.

Swedish traditional Christmas mustard / Mostarda tradicional de Natal

Candles to burn during the advent / Velas para acender durante o advento

Despite the market it was still a well spent afternoon and one thing is true - Marstrand never disappoints. 

Apesar de tudo foi uma tarde bem passada na mesma e uma coisa é certa - Marstrand nunca nos desilude.