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Born and raised Portuguese. I have lived in Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic and now I'm in the beautiful Sweden.
My blog, just like my brain, is a blend of languages. Welcome!

domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2021

Advent posting - Day 19 - Sunset

 Let's celebrate the fourth and last advent of 2021 by revisiting the best sunsets of this year. 

Somewhere on the west coast of Sweden

Lake of Kåsjön, not too far from here

Douro Valley, Portugal

Mariestad, Sweden

Somewhere in Dalarna, Sweden (Yes, these are the original colors, no filters used!)

From our window
We have great sunsets here, especially during Spring and Autumn. 

Tea behind the window: White Wonderland

Oreo behind the window: blue oreo ball

Running: 20 minutes (window 4)

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