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sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2021

Advent posting - Day 18 - Foggy day

Today we woke up to a very foggy day, with the trees mysteriously surrounded by a white mist. 

That reminded me of my hometown in Portugal, on those winter mornings when we would pretend that we had a lake because the valley was full of clouds and we couldn't see any of the houses or buildings that usually stood there.

Fog, ice, water... or fifty shades of grey.

That also reminded me of the legend of (king) Sebastian of Portugal, who disappeared during the battle of Alcácer Quibir, in 1578, probably killed in action. His disappearance caused a crisis in Portugal and people longed for his return and better times. Until today he is referred to as the Desired and according to the legend, his return will happen in a foggy dawn, on Portugal's greatest hour of need.  

There are trees and a big lake behind the foggy curtain.

Portugal has had many difficult moments and crises, but apparently not its worst yet, as Sebastian of Portugal has still not returned. 

I looked for him today, in case he had gotten lost and ended up in Sweden, but I didn't meet him. 

It will probably happen on some other foggy morning then. 

Tea behind the window: Punchy Peppermint

Oreo behind the window: 2 oreo cookies

Running: 45 minutes (window 9)

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