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domingo, 14 de junho de 2015

Time, our friend and our enemy

I do not have enough time for all the things I want or would like to do.

I want to write more in my two blogs.
I want to read your blogs and comment on your stories.
I want to do that while working, training, traveling, and cooking. And also while being a normal person that cleans, sleeps, reads and has time for other people as well.

I have always heard that time management is all a question of priorities. Sure, we have to set our priorities right, but of all things I mentioned above the only ones I could probably live without is working and cleaning. Should I stop doing them? I can't really, can I?

Sometimes I wonder if I should shut down this blog and stop being a blogger. That would save me some time, but I really enjoy having a blog. Mostly, I enjoy having a place where I can write my stories, put some of my pictures, and read posts I wrote 5 years ago. My memory sucks, and I think I will really enjoy reading all this when I'm older. Of course, I also enjoy "my" readers. Its wonderful that something so virtual as a blog gives me the change of "meeting" people. I've met people with wonderful stories! I also enjoy the random emails I get asking me which bus I took on my trip to place X in 2011!

In summary, it would be easier to not have to care, think, and write posts on my blog, but I wouldn't be as happier. Therefore, I'll keep my blog. I might not write for a few days, or sometimes weeks, but I will always be here, in my real life and living new stories so I can write them in this blog. Sooner or later. I will write them for you and I will write them for my future me. 

2 comentários:

  1. I agree with keeping up with the blog, it's like a diary for the future!
    I also wish I could post more often, but sometimes I don't have the time or the inspiration either...

  2. Your blog is one of those I miss reading! I hope I can do it soon.


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