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domingo, 18 de outubro de 2015

City Cross Run in Prague

Today, I ran my first trail, a 16 Km course through Prague gardens, parks and other muddy paths. It was my last (for now) race in Prague and it almost felt like this course was made for me! It went through my favourite spots in Prague, including unlikely spots far from the city center. 

 The start - at the bottom of Petrin park

1. Running up to Petrin, the little Eiffel tower - I would have probably not done it otherwise.

2. The castle.

3. The secret paths in the castle gardens! We always wanted to go, but we didn't know where the entrance was! Not knowing the name made it impossible to find information about it. Now I know!

4. Letná park - my favourite view over Prague center. 

5. Stromovka park - where I ran soooo many Sundays. There, we also ran through a tram!

6. Botanic gardens - an item that was in our bucket list. It still is, I want to go back with a proper camera.

 7. My gym - we ran past my gym! How unlikely as it is in the suburbs, far from any interesting point.

8. The lookout point over the river - I was there only twice but it's definitely one of my favourite places (read more here).

9. Crossing the road from Prague north to the river - I have run down this road countless times! I have never met another runner in it, so it felt special today.

10. The muddy paths around the road - until we found the road we got lost a few times in the forest around it. 

There was a lot of up hill parts, but there was also a lot of narrow funny paths and amazing views during the race. I planned to take it slowly and I took some pictures along the way. It was freezing and I have never been this cold before and after a race (I only started feeling my toes again 1.5 Km into the race). Another novelty was that I went to this race alone as J. is in Sweden. Not having someone to talk away my anxieties at the beginning and my race stories at the end, was not as fun and I definitely missed him.

Still, it was a great race and a perfect course to say goodbye to running in Prague (although I will still keep training here until I leave).

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  1. That's an interesting one - running through a tram!
    Beautiful views from the river and a lovely way to say goodbye to all your favourite places!

    1. Thanks Sami! I was very surprised to see the tram, but it was really warm inside so it felt great!


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