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sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2016

Home home

No matter how many turns around the world my life goes through, my hometown will always be what I call my home home. There's home, where I live and spend most of my days, and there's home home, the city and village where I grew up and lived until I was 17.

What's it like home home?

Home home is to walk through the narrow cobble stoned streets and live so many memories. 
It is to smell the unique scent of Spring, a mixture of lilacs, lavender rosemary and other herbs, in the air. 
It is to pass by the city garden and see the same two old ladies gossiping, the same old man sleeping on the bench under the shade, and the children eating ice cream bought in the same little old kiosk. 
It is to walk around with my mom and stop every 5 minutes to chat with someone random because she knows everybody!
It is to go to the market and buy fresh fish. And then grill it in the fireplace. 
It is to be outside wearing just a t-shirt and then put on a sweater to be at home.
It is to go to my parents backyard and harvest the ingredients I need to cook dinner. Perhaps carrots, tomatoes and parsley. And then strawberries, while we wait for the cherries and the kiwis to mature.
It is too arrive at home and have a welcomy bread pudding made by one of our neighbours.
It is to go cycling with my dad and see how much he can still push me.
It is to enjoy a glass of red wine, from a bottle that costed 2 euro, while I write this post. 
Good wine!

It is also to know that I could never live here again, but for a few days it's the best place to be!

8 comentários:

  1. Well said Sara! I love going to Portugal too, it's lovely to be able to eat the amazing Portuguese food, buy things usually a lot cheaper than the countries where we now live, meet up and feel welcomed by family and friends...but also know that we now live somewhere else that is now home to us!

    1. Thanks Sami! It's always so good to go back and live all that and then return with our hearts full of joy and happiness. This is probably something we, all Portuguese expats, have in common no matter where we live now.

  2. Também vivo longe da minha terra e da minha casa, embora seja tudo em Portugal. Mas é lá que me sinto mais eu!

    1. Sim, só muda a escala, mas os sentimentos são semelhantes.

  3. beautiful! it sounds so lovely! <3 but we change and grow in life... yet it is good to be able to go back!

    1. Thanks Jandi! We do grow and change in life and not for a moment I regret my path, especially because I can go back, create new memories and return before I see the less good things ;)

  4. Adorei a descrição e identifiquei-me com muito do que escreveste! Há coisas que só encontramos nos sítios das nossas raízes... Beijinho

    1. Obrigada Joana. Acho que são sentimentos comuns a todos os emigrantes. É sempre bom voltar ao lugar onde crescemos. Beijinhos


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