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quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2016

Stories of my world

Às Voltas no Mundo has always been a blog about myself. It might sound egocentric but it's true, because it is my blog and I like to write about themes that interest me and things I enjoy, like travelling, running, food, etc. I could write about trips I never did or sports I never tried, but I don't because I enjoy the most writing about my own stories. Partly, I do it for myself, because one day I will have a place to go and read about episodes of my life long lost within my memory. However, my stories are not only mine, they are shared by others who lived them with me. When I look through my photographs I recall not only the places, the emotions or the smell of each place, but also the people with whom I shared time and space during those moments. I also want to tell their stories, because one day I will want to remember them as much as mine. I have come across so many beautiful stories, sad, happy, peaceful, funny, all so interesting, and it has been fantastic to meet people that grew up so differently than me and still share similar interests and experiences. I want you to know about them! You, my dear readers, and you, my older me.

All this to say, that from now on, every Wednesday I will post about someone whose life path has come across mine. Some I have talk to, some I didn't. Some I met for just a few seconds, some I shared hours, days or weeks with. Some posts will come with a photograph, some won't and you will have to imagine them yourselves. 
I hope you enjoy reading about the people of my world, as I will call them. You most likely have met with your own share of stories and you too have the people of your world. We all do. Feel free to share them as well, here or in your own blogs. I love to read good stories.

What's your story?

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  1. What an interesting idea Sara! I look forward to reading these stories.

  2. I like this idea, Sara, and look forward to reading yours.


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