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sábado, 27 de agosto de 2016

10 signs you might need a new boss*

1. In your first day she/he pointed to all equipment and cited the price.
2. She/He asked you to start doing something complex at 16h on your 2nd day, making you stay 4h extra that day.
3. She/He asked you if you are coming on Saturday during your first week.
4. She/He decreased your salary after 2 months, blaming it on miscalculations.
5. She/He laughs at your written grammar, but she/he makes worse mistakes.
6. She/He still uses internet explorer?
7. Her/His way is the only way.
8. Her/His motto is: More pressure more motivation.
9. Her/His other motto is: quantity is more important that quality.
10. She/He thinks she/he is the best boss in the world.

1-2 options are true: it might not be perfect, but it never is.
3-4 options are true: start looking up for other options.
5-9 options are true: you are desperate to leave!
All of the options above are true: you should have left, preferably the day before you started!!!

*I wrote the text above on a really bad day at work. That day I realised I really had to leave my job as fast as I could. I held on to this post and I thought I would publish it on the day I would finally quit. That day is today for me (YAY!), as I am writing, but it was a year ago for you, that are reading. I decided to not publish this post today, because liking it or not I still have to work for another 3 months and it would not be correct to publish this just yet. That's why you had to wait for a year to laugh at my magic quiz!

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