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domingo, 23 de abril de 2017

Libraries, the best kept Swedish secret - Newbie

I have confessed here before how much I like libraries and how I dreamed of living in a place with cosy, functional and good libraries. My dream came true. Swedish libraries are fantastic and the possibilities they offer go way beyond borrowing books. 

While I was writing the article for the Newbie, I saw in the news section of my library that they had recently got a cat that we all could go and pat. At first I became super happy, because I love cats but can't have any. Then I started questioning the idea, as the cat could get lost in that huge library full of hiding places. Later on, I saw that it was an April fool's joke... I will have to find some other cat to pat.

Apart from that, there's a lot to do in Swedish libraries, as you can read in the article I wrote to the Newbie Guide to Sweden.

Gothenburg's library

4 comentários:

  1. I enjoy visiting my local library too, and apart from book we can also borrow DVD's, games, toys.
    Have you read the story of Dewey, the library cat?
    Do you have Cat Cafes there? We have one in Perth but I haven't been there, with 3 cats at home I get my share of patting :)

    1. I just read about Dewey, thanks for pointing it out! Such sweet story!
      I haven't found any cat cafe here, even though I looked because I know they exist in some cities. But I do have someone at home that likes naps in the sofa and let me pat him so I survive ;)


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