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quinta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2017

Me and others*

I have always enjoyed contact with public. My first summer job was as a receptionist in my local swimming pool and I loved it. I have always enjoyed the diversity of personalities, cultures and everything that comes from that. 
I have never worked to the public again but I am finally back at working with a lot of people, which I missed in my previous jobs. 

It's been a few months already since I started working and I was told from the beginning to do things my way as long as they were efficient and obeyed the rules (of course!). So did I. Most people like my ways but some do not and try to resist the changes. It's the diversity of personalities and ways of thinking that make it that way. Working and contacting with a lot of people might also make you roll your eyes from time to time. It's the problem that was never a problem but it's easier to ask than to think by yourself. It's the one who thinks because you drink coffee together he/she doesn't have to follow the rules and can skip the line. It's the one that tries to influence you into favouring him/her. And other similar situations. I enjoy all this! Especially now, so many years after being the teenager working at the swimming pool. Life has taught me how to be impartial (or at least more impartial) and to not judge by appearances, nationalities or whatever. I treat everyone the same way, but I do not expect to be treated the same way by every one.

And for every moment that I feel tired, because I do have those moments anyway, and I think "oh no, not this (one) again", I get twice as many moments with joy and satisfaction. I need the positive feedback to survive at the job, but I need the criticism as much to be pushed to think beyond my point of view and be challenged. They are equally important and I'm equally grateful to have both. 

As long as te balance is kept.

*Post written just after sighing and rolling my eyes, and then reading a super nice email complementing my work.

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