Nascida e criada em Portugal. Já morei na Polónia, no Brasil, na República Checa e agora é a Suécia que me acolhe.
O meu blogue, tal como o meu cérebro, é uma mistura de línguas. Bem vindos!

Born and raised Portuguese. I have lived in Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic and now I'm in the beautiful Sweden.
My blog, just like my brain, is a blend of languages. Welcome!

quinta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2014

Still growing my blog

Welcome new readers!

I'm very happy that I got to know so many other bloggers, blogs and followers. The Grow Your Blog Party was really fun! 
Since most of the new readers don't speak Portuguese, and the translator not always works properly, I will be posting in English as well. I can't promise that I will always do it in both languages, because a simple translation doesn't really work, so I have to write it twice. In time, I understood the way I tell a story changes quite a lot depending on the language I write it on. Anyway, I try to keep my blog full of pictures and those you can enjoy either way.

 Auckland, New Zealand
If you would read my older posts you would know a lot of things about me, but that might take quite a while, so here it goes a summary.

1. I started blogging when I first moved out of Portugal, in 2006. Then I moved to Poland and I wrote all my adventures in Uma Aventura na Polónia (An Adventure in Poland, a title inspired by my favourite childhood book collection). Unfortunately, 90% of the pictures in that blog disappeared due to technical problems that I could never fix. When I moved out of Poland I understood that I wouldn't be going back to my home country that soon, and I created this blog.
Afterwards I moved to Brazil, where I lived for 3 years, and I am now in Prague (here and here), in the Czech Republic. I love travelling and I do it as much as I can. I also tried to move to Australia (and I tried so much!), but unfortunately I did not find a job in my area there.
A lot of portuguese young adults are emigrating now, due to the lack of job opportunities in Portugal. I was not forced to leave. I left because I wanted, and I don't plan to go back because I don't want to. I enjoy being a foreigner.

Amazon, Brazil

2. I'm a scientist, which usually makes it easier to move around the world. Many scientists work in different countries to acquire and improve specific skills and within the scientific community is quite easy to find a job and move around, for temporary periods of time. I really like that mobility, and I love meeting people from all over the world. I love listening to their life stories and adventures.

3. When I'm travelling I don't post, and when I'm back I have to (usually) work harder. Therefore, sometimes I post about my trips much later. I find that quite fun, because I get to dream about that one trip again. For instance, I recently posted about my trip to Finland and Estonia, that I visited in June. The pictures show beautiful sunny landscapes while right now Finland is covered in snow. Soon I will be also posting about my trip to Sweden (last July), Budapest (last August), and Portugal (last September).

Hiking in Machu Picchu, Peru

4. When I'm not post about places, I'm posting about running, cooking, life or Sara Jumps. What is a Sara Jump? It's a picture I post of me jumping in different places, situations or even with different people. Some of my readers liked it so much that decided to send me their Sara Jumps as well. Silly? Maybe. But I have a lot of fun and that's the most important! Feel free to send me yours!

Sara Jump in Renaca, Chile

5. I'm crazy and I attract weird situations. Tune in and have fun!

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  1. Lovely that you will be posting in English for your non-Portuguese readers. I love travelling too and maybe because we have moved around so much, I don't even know where I belong, or what country I consider myself from - certainly not from my country of birth! But I do LOVE living in Australia and hope that we will stay here for many, many years. Have fun travelling, that is what life is all about.
    I need to remember to do a jump somewhere and send you the photo.

  2. Adorei a cena do "Sara Jump"!!!!
    A ver ainda este fim de semana faço umas fotos assim para te enviar ;)

  3. Sami: I know I belong to the world ;) I also love living in Prague, but I know this is not my final destination. Where will be settling down? I have no idea...
    I would like you to participate in a Sara Jump.

    Bruna: Ainda bem que gostaste! Já tive 2 Sara Jump dos Açores, mas nunca são demais! Fico à espera dessa energia!

  4. Wow, Sara, you really are a world traveler. I love crazy and weird sounds like I'm in the right place. Can't wait to read more about your running, cooking and Sara Jumps!

  5. LaLa Lane you are in the right place ;)

  6. You don't sound crazy just adventurous and fun loving. I will enjoy traveling with you. Thanks for posting in English.

  7. Hello Sara, you certainly like to travel! What a wonderful blog you have I really enjoyed looking a tall the pictures and getting to know a little bit about you. I hope you will visit me when you get a minute.

  8. Thank you all! I've had so much positive feedback that now I hope I will keep up with your expectations.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! You have really been travelling a lot. It is so nice to see all your beautiful photos. You are welcome to Norway too :) Greetings Marit Johanne

  10. Marit Johanne, I hope I can go to Norway quite soon, because I have never been there, and my (almost) brother in law lives there now.
    Greetings and keep on blogging :)


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