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quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2015

On Instagram #2

I just returned from a wonderful 10 day vacation in Portugal. I went there for my sister's graduation in Porto and then stayed a few more days enjoying ourselves. I will write more about my trip but for now I'll post some pictures I uploaded on Instagram during my vacation.

Our vacation started with a concert of Expensive Soul, one of my favourite portuguese bands. 

Expensive Soul concert @ coliseu do Porto 

Morning run in Porto :)

My sister's graduation parade

We also went on a cruise in the Douro river, from Porto to Peso da Regua, a beautiful wine region.

Cruzeiro no Rio Douro. Tão bom estar de férias!!

#asvoltasnomundo #pesodaregua #cruseironodouro #vinhodoporto

Peso da Régua 

Afterwards, we went back to Porto, but instead of staying in the centre we rented an apartment near the sea and the Douro river mouth. We could sleep to the sound of the waves and wake up with an amazing view!

Good morning and have a great Saturday :)

It was an amazing week and we already miss Portugal, its wines, its pastries, and its beautiful sunshine!

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  1. Que bom poder fazer umas mini ferias ao pais natal de vez em quando!

  2. I especially love the last photo. Your instagram account is private.AriadnefromGreece!

    1. The view in that last apartment was fantastic!!
      I know the account is private, but you can see everything if you become a follower. I added a note on the post, so I don't confuse my readers.


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