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quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2015

Grand Prix 10K

Last Saturday evening I participated in the most famous 10K race of Prague. I had actually registered for last year, but there was a change of plans and I ended up postponing my registration for this year. As far as I can remember it was my first race in the evening. My sight in the dark is not great, and if it involves a crowd it's even worse, because I just see a lot of shadows dancing in front of my eyes. Still, the race was good and I had fun. In some streets the lights were off (I don't know why as it was quite dark), but most of the time I could see well enough to not care about it.

The course was mostly flat, which is always a plus and I finished the race with my second best time ever. This was my last street race in Prague (at least for now), and I will miss to start the races to the sound of classical music, as they always did here for RunCzech races. It was not my last race in Prague because I will still run a city trail in October, which should be fun and a bit different.

Birell Grand Prix 10K Prague 2015

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