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terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2015

The Sunday run - again

Last Sunday, as usual, I was thinking of going for my normal Sunday run. The day was gray, boring and humid (the pictures in the last post were taken 2 weeks ago). As I got out I realised it was actually raining. I ran the first few kilometers not knowing if I would go down to the river or not, as I would get quite cold in the metro if I would get too wet. When I was at the top of the nice downhill road I decided to risk it and go all the way down to the river. To convince myself I thought "with this weather only true runners will be out running and you will be one of them!". As soon as I said this to myself, I saw another runner. On top of the road, where I have never ever seen another person running! After a few meters I can tell he is running at more or less my speed. He sees that as well and starts talking to me. He is Czech but speaks English. He asked me about my running plan and said if I wouldn't mind he could join me all the way, because he likes to run with company. We talked about many different things. He once belonged to the Czech junior team of athletics. We talked about running. Swimming. Birds. The path along the river. Other places to run. Jobs. Christmas runs. Adventures. It was all so entertaining that when I noticed we were already approaching the metro station. It was the fastest Sunday run ever. Both literally and mentally. 

Thinking I almost didn't go because it was such bad weather and then I meet this cool crazy runner. It's the second time in the same week that I felt rewarded for taking risks. I'm really glad I did it! And you know what? We didn't meet any other runner on the way. We were the only true runners of Prague... (yeah, keeping dreaming).

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  1. The risk paid off again Sara! How interesting to meet someone while running and then enjoy the run while chatting away.

  2. Very cool! Funny how many new and fun adventures there are out in the world if we just judge ourselves a little bit out of our comfort zone. And I'm super proud of your's been cold and rainy here and although I'm back in the swing of running, it is so hard to make it out the door!! Sheesh! Thanks for the inspiration. =)

    1. Thank you for your words Nancy! Next time you don't feel like going out for a run just remember the harder it is to get out of the door, the better it feels afterwards once you've done it! :)


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