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quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

Crazy? Yes, but still human!

Those who follow this blog might think I'm a super crazy athletic girl who happily runs here and there and all the time. I'm guilty of making you think this way, since I can't remember ever blogging about a bad training or one that I've skipped. Yes, they do exist. Both. There are some days that I get beaten by the sofa. There are some days I go out running and I wish I would have been beaten by the sofa. And there are other days that I get beaten by the run itself. Like today.

Everybody prefers running in a forest than on a road, so why have I not done that yet here, when the nearest forest is only 700m away? Well, that's probably because to get there I need to run a 700m hill (ok, maybe only 650m). But lately I was feeling confident, almost like one of them, those crazy Swedish runners, training on snow and with bad weather. It was time to tackle the forest!

Since not all of you are fellow runners I'll spare you the technicalities. Let's just say I ran all the way up and when I got to the top I stopped for stretching, and by stretching I mean hugging a tree, panting and nearly spitting my lungs off. After about a minute I kept going and it got a little better until I came to the next hill. Ah, this must be the one Johan said was tough... It wasn't! When I got to THAT one I recognised it immediately (we had been walking there yesterday). It's quite steep and tough, especially the last part. When I was about half way up I started slowing down, almost to a fast walk, but then I saw two other runners coming the other direction, and as a proud runner one never walks in front of other fellow runners. So I ran the whole damn thing and got to the top panting... again. I didn't stop this time. 

One lap around the forest is only 2.5 Km, so I decided to go for a second lap. It was better since I knew more what to expect, but still very hard. Afterwards, I went down home and my legs felt like if I had ran a half-marathon instead. Did I run that much? No. Only 7 Km. Was I super fast? No. My pace was very slow compared to normal. 

Today, the forest beat me. I'll take that as a challenge!

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  1. I presume the cold and the snow must make running a lot harder. An extra work-out! Have a great weekend Sara.

    1. Yes, let's say it counted as 2 workouts ;) Have a great weekend Sami!


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