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quarta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2016

Stories of my world #5 - special Dublin

There was a half marathon race. He was running. I don't know so much about him. In fact, I only saw him in pictures. He was wearing blue shorts and a white t-shirt. For reasons unknown to any of us, he decided to do his race only a few centimetres from one of the boys in my team, D.. He literally became a shadow of D. for almost 20 Km. For about 1h30 he was always in his step. When D. slowed down, he slowed down. When D. stopped to drink, he stopped to drink. It was only in the last bit to go that he decided to speed up and pass D., that got so angry with him that ran with all his power and sprinted him out. None of us understand why someone would do that. We found later, through the race results, that he was french. The boys were both wearing shirts from the half marathon in Portugal. Could this have been a revenge for the Euro tournament final, in which Portugal beat France in Paris? It would be a very silly reason for a grown man to do that, but right now I just can't think of any other reason. Theories...

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