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segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2016

Dreams outside the cookie jar

I often dream and, even better, I often remember what I dream. Usually my dreams are so insane that I give a good laugh when I wake up. It seems that I pick the smallest details of my day, mix them well and make great plots of insanity. Today however, I had a very deep and beautiful dream. I don't know if dreams mean something or not. My scientific-oriented brain tells me they are not more than a mix of images captured or created in the brain, but who knows. 

There’s a bear fighting with my friend Telma. The bear is aggressive but it’s not hurting Telma. It is standing on the back paws, roaring and fighting with its arms and claws. As my dream progresses the bear takes the shape of a human being. First still big and aggressive but later on smaller. I observe the scene, at first unable to react, but then as its size decreases I get closer. Now, a lot of people bumps into the bear/human and he ends up in the floor being stepped on. I start shouting at people, telling them how rude they are for not even noticing they are stepping on a being. I help the bear/human up, all dirty, scared and insecure. He thanks me for defending him. Now, it has become a little boy. I stick with him, as I understand that he is fighting some inner fights within himself and he needs help. We go together on a train ride. Now and then, someone goes by and shouts at him. I defend him all the time, until slowly it stops happening. Slowly, he becomes bigger, more like a man, but not a giant. Definitely not aggressive either. When I’m sure he can take care of himself I say goodbye and we part ways. You are ready now, the world is yours, I tell him.

Interpretations accepted!

4 comentários:

  1. Now that is a dream that sounds like it could have some very profound meaning. Mine usually are pretty wild and crazy.

    1. Mine too, this one was an exception. I enjoyed this one more though!

    2. Very interesting! Dreams are our way of making sense of our world.

    3. Oh boy, I hope that's not true for all of them ;)


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