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segunda-feira, 13 de março de 2017

Random 'facts' about Sweden by Colin Moon

I saw a list of 15 random 'facts' about things Swedish on LinkedIn and after having a good laugh I decided to share some here. 
  • Food There is much variety. Mustard, for example, sweet or strong or both, comes in jars, tubes or squeezable bottles.
  • English Swedes are excellent at English. A manager at a global company wanted to say a few welcoming words to a group of international visitors. 'You are almost welcome to Sweden', he said. 
  • Religion Most Swedes, thank God, are not that religious. Anyway, if Christ came down to Scandinavia he'd have to change planes in Copenhagen.
  • Decision-makers Saying yes or no can lead to conflict, so Swedes have invented a cross between the two - 'Nja'. This means yes-but-no-but-yes-but-no-but-yes...maybe...not sure.
  • Common sense When God gave out common sense then Swedes were at the front of the line, waving their queue ticket, which by the way was invented by a Swede, Bengt-Åke Nummerlapp.
  • Neighbours Norway is a strange place outside the EU, very rich and therefore less of a joke these days. The Danes drink beer in the street so they are considered continental and the Finns think the Swedes are talkative, sophisticated socialites.
  • Eating out In other countries people fight to get the bill. In Sweden, however, people divide it up. Lena should pay less because she didn't have a starter and Ola should pay more because he drank like a fish.
  • Swedish history Gustav Wasa. He invented crispbread. *(Joke between Vasa, the king, and Wasa, the brand)
  • Swedish seasons The Swedish summer is the warmest day of the year.
  • Punctuality In many parts of the world meetings start when they start and not before. In Sweden, meetings start on time and finish with 'any other questions'...but don't you dare!
Original text by Colin Moon.

4 comentários:

  1. Certainly funny Sara.
    My daughter describes Dutch summer as "our 3 days of summer", but it seems Sweden's summer is even shorter, lol.

    1. The further we go to north the shorter is the summer ;)

  2. O último ponto está brilhante, é bem verdade!


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