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quarta-feira, 8 de março de 2017

The Newbie - Top 5 essentials in Sweden

Everyday before I go out to school, to run, to the supermarket, to whatever I take a quick look at the thermometer I have in the window. I actually have two, each facing different sides of the building. I have never used a thermometer this much. Sure I used to check the weather and see if I would need a warmer jacket or if it was going to rain, but in Sweden the thermometer became my best friend. 

Truth is that even though it's winter the temperature can be -10 ºC or 10 ºC. I might need my super warm coat or just the warmer one. My super warm hat or the lighter one. The same happens in the spring. The sun shines outside and it looks like a lovely day, but is it 10 ºC or 20 ºC? It's very easy to get fooled, specially when indoor the temperature is always the same. 

All this got me to think that each country brings its own essentials. Things that we have never used before, or have needed less, and that now became important and every day essentials. I gathered 4 others besides the thermometer and wrote about it in my latest post in the Newbie Guide to Sweden. Are you curious? Great, read all about it here

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  1. Interesting read Sara. The calendar with week numbers could be a bit confusing.
    I remember when I lived in Germany that I also used an outside thermometer a lot, don't think I've ever looked at one since moving from there, I just check the weather preview for the week during the news bulletins on TV.
    When I came to Perth I brought my winter jackets with me from Portugal but I was pleasantly surprised I don't need them here at all. Winters are mild and I just need a warmer top in the early morning and evenings and during the day I can even just wear a long shirt and I'm fine, as the temperatures usually go up to 18 or 20C.

    1. Thanks Sami! I'm glad you enjoyed my post and also related to it. Our essentials do change when we move. Your winters sound quite similar to the summer here! Ok, that's not completely true but many summer days only reach 20 ºC.

  2. yes, I can see why the thermometer would be your best friend...


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