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terça-feira, 7 de março de 2017

You got to love Sweden #14

It was lunch time in school. I was peacefully eating when it happened. I was not alone but there was no one I knew. The fire alarm went on. Oh great, now what? Everybody calmly grabbed their stuff and started heading outside. I was in the "food room" in the ground floor and I had left my jacket inside the classroom in the first floor, as all my classes both in the morning and in the afternoon were in the same room. It had been snowing. It was -2 ºC outside and I couldn't go up and grab my coat. Just great. I went out and waited in the square in front of the school. Luckily, I had a cup of warm tea but I quickly got cold and started shaking. I could go home but the damn keys were in my coat's pocket. 

The school is quite big and this could have taken hours! Was anyone even doing something? Yes. The fireman showed up less than 10 minutes after. They quickly checked the whole place and soon we were allowed to go back in. Once inside we could really tell who had had jackets on and who didn't. The fireman concluded that what caused the alarm was a bored teenager who activated the sensor using a lighter. Thank you kid. We not only got to freeze outside, some more than others, as we also got to not finish our lunches. All because you were bored. 

Why did I assign this post to You got to love Sweden? Because it was all handled quite efficiently and orderly. No one panicked but at the same time no one ignored the alarm. The fireman came quickly and worked fast. The alarms worked (not like in certain labs where I have worked!). 

It's good to know that all works.
But from now on I will always take my jacket with me. 

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  1. Glad nothing major happened, what a silly kid that had nothing better to do than scare people and waste the fire brigade's time!

    1. Exactly! A silliness who disturbed hundreds of people.


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