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segunda-feira, 18 de setembro de 2017

Running... without running shoes

When I got hired in April I decided to take a pause in my Swedish studies, signing up for the next level only in August. Normal employed people take evening courses, but I wanted to continue in my school so I signed up for the daily course, the only one for my level offered there. I signed up thinking the course was 4h a week, which is perfectly compatible with a job with flexible working hours. In the meantime, the course was re-done and became a 8h/week course + homework and studying hours. I decided to try anyway, much because I would keep having my favourite teacher, and I think I'm handling it well enough to keep going for 3 more months.

Sometimes is tough though. I go to class. Cycle to work. Eat lunch as fast as possible to save time. Solve the million problems waiting for me. Run up and down the building as needed. Cycle home. Cook and eat. Do homework. Crash in the sofa for 30min which is the only time I have left before going to bed. Most of the days I'm so exhausted I can't do anything else, and by that I mean write posts in my dearest blog or run (real running, with running shoes). I simply do not have the time and the energy. 

However, winter is coming, bringing more homey weekends, probably the only advantage of it, in which hopefully I will have more time to my blog. 

6 comentários:

  1. Keep up the good work. At least there is an end in sight.

  2. Not easy to juggle so many things at once Sara. You probably cope as you're young, I wouldn't be able to handle all that.
    Glad you're enjoying your Swedish course.

    1. I'm not coping as well as I thought, that might be that I'm not as younger as I thought ;) It's only for a few months, so I will survive.

  3. It sounds exhausting! Hope things have calmed down a bit for you by now... wishing you a beautiful 2018!

    1. Hi Jandi! It's over now and I'm back! Have a wonderful 2018 yourself!!


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