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sábado, 26 de maio de 2018

2 months later

Dear readers (if I still have some),

Apparently, my last post was more than 2 months ago, which was not really planned but it's understandable if I look back at those days. The last two months have been very intense and full of special occasions. I will slowly post more about everything, so that you get to read more details and see photos, but in a nutshell here's what I have been doing.

- At the end of March my parents, sister and boyfriend came to Sweden for the first time. It was 10 very intensive days of showing them around and enjoying their company. 

- In one of those days me and Johan got officially married.

- After they left we were happy but tired and I had a conference to organise at work. It was also very intense, many extra hours at work, most of them having fun. I had missed conferences and it was great to be in that world again.  

- In the middle of April, we found a project for a new complex of apartments being built at the moment. We looked more into it, fell in love with it and the area where it's being built, and ended up buying a flat there. We were looking into buying something, but didn't expect it to happen so fast.

- In the first weekend of May we travelled to Portugal, where we would hold our wedding party in the second weekend. We spent a lot of time organising and preparing everything, but it was totally worth it and we had a wonderful day.

- The down side was that due to all these exciting things we couldn't really train properly and we failed to run our favourite race: Gothenburg's half marathon, last weekend. It was the first time I was registered for a race and didn't run it. I am, however, already registered for next year! No excuses then!

Now, we are finally enjoying quiet and relaxed days. It was a lot going on constantly and a lot to think and take care, and it feels good to go back to a slower pace. Even for me!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time and I also hope to be able to catch up on your blogs soon.

7 comentários:

  1. Parabéns!! Muitas felicidades!
    Que o vosso futuro seja sempre cheio de luz e amor :)

  2. Congratulations on your wedding Sara and Johann, I wish you all the happiness!
    And congratulations on buying your first apartment together, that is certainly very exciting.
    Looking forward to the photos.

    1. Thank you Sami!! It was a lot of exciting events happening at the same time :)
      I was reading your blog and saw you have also been around enjoying some nice vacation!

  3. Congratulations! I hope you will have many years of love and joy!

  4. For some reason I didn't get any notifications from your comments, so I only saw them now. I also apologise if you saw that awful comment I just deleted. That should have been sent to spam immediately.


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