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sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015

Hello and welcome to my blog "às Voltas no Mundo" or Around the World!

I started my first blog in 2006, when I moved away from my home country, so I could easily tell all about my adventures to my friends. Since then I have never stopped blogging and sharing this little bit of myself is something I really enjoy doing. I am Portuguese but right now I live in the beautiful historical city of Prague, the capital of Czech republic. I started posting only in portuguese, since it helps me practice my mother language (believe me, after almost 10 years living abroad I need it), but since last year's Grow Your Blog party I also started posting in english. I usually post on both languages.

I mostly post about:

1- Places I have visited

I have lived in 4 different countries and I love traveling. In the beginning I did it alone but then I met the most fantastic partner (for everything not just traveling) and it became even more fun to move around. He loves photography and everywhere we go he takes a lot of pictures, which means my blog is full of gorgeous images.

Some of the places I visited last year

2- Running

I absolutely love running. Running makes me relax, releases the tension in my muscles and allows me to think. I started running half marathons last year and it was fun, but tough. My goal is to run marathons in the future, but I refuse to move on until I feel comfortable with the half distance. This year I'm planning to run 3 half-marathons and I have been training hard to improve my condition.

Me after my first half marathon

3- Cooking

I actually started running because I love cooking and eating. I do like to cook healthy food, but I don't say no to a good dessert. I have another blog (here) where I post all the recipes worth sharing, but occasionally I post some links to those recipes here as well.

My not so healthy but super delicious Nachos!

I hope you enjoy my blog and I wish you a happy Glow Your Blog party!!!

20 comentários:

  1. Hi Sara
    Lovely to meet you through GYB 2015 I'm a british Aussie who loves to travel and so am excited to find your blog. I love Prague, lucky you to be living there. I look forward to jogging along with you on your blog this year, good luck with the marathon, I will just cheer you along on that one!!
    Wren (littlewanderingwren section 29)

  2. Hi Sara, I already follow you, and will continue to enjoy your postings about your travels.

  3. so nice to meet you through the Party-blogging is really a wonderful way to share and meet new friends. I am off to visit your food blog too
    have fun at the party

  4. Hello Sara, thanks for visiting my blog! I have been to Prague and I looooved it!ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com

  5. It sounds like a very interesting life. How fortunate to find a partner who likes the same kinds of things you do! I am visiting from grow your blog party and am a new follower.

  6. Good Morning Sara, I have the honor to officially welcome you to GYB Party. I have already become one of your followers. I love seeing your pictures that you post. It is my way of traveling to places that I can only dream about. I have friends who like to run and I have a niece who is into mountain biking. I admire people who get to live in other countries. Have a wonderful time blog hopping and making new friends. Shirley@shirleystitches

  7. Hi Sara, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm so happy to "meet" you, it seems we have a lot in common...both expats who like food and I even lived in Prague for some years when I was a kid. It's one of my all time favourite cities. Your photos are stunning.

  8. Stopping by from the Grow Your Blog party. It was fun stopping by.

  9. Hi Sara! It's so nice meet you. On behalf of Vicki @ 2 Bags Full, welcome to the 2015 Grow Your Blog hop! Your photographs are great eye candy. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day!

  10. Hi, Sara! Your travel photos are beautiful and inspiring! I would love to visit Prague someday. And good for you, running marathons. I love to run but can't anymore. I know what it's like to enjoy running!

  11. Hi Beth! You'd get along well with my husband - he is an ultra marathon runner!!!!!

    I've become a Follower (because that's what this party is all about, right!?!) and hope you do the same. Come and visit me over at SuZeQ Creations.

    Happy Running!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's fun how we live a half a world away and have so much in common! Food, photography and running! (Although you are far more motivated than I am running 1/2 marathons!) So nice to meet you, I will definitely be following you. :) Amanda from

  13. Those nachos look yummy!! Enjoyed your blog and will follow and return to visit.

  14. Hello Sara,
    Nice to meet you.
    You make beautiful photo's of wonderful places.
    Great to live in Prague !
    Isn't it so fun to do this Blog hopping and meet so many bloggers.
    Have a nice day !

    Wilma.Shabby Royale.

  15. Hi Sara!
    I come visiting by way of Vicki's Grow Your Blog party! I used to be a runner. I too ran many half-marathons. I ran one marathon - the NYC Marathon. I ran that with my daughter for my 50th birthday. I had to stop running because I started to have problems with my feet, but I walk. I am enjoying getting to see the sights that I used to run right past.

  16. I am so glad I found your blog during last year's GYB Party. Best wishes on your 3 half-marathons this year!

  17. Sounds like your life is full and happy.

  18. I know your blog will be fun to follow .I love to travel all so. I just need more time,GROW YOUR BLOG

  19. Espero que te estejas a divertir imenso na festa!

  20. Hi Sara, I'm happy I discovered your blog, I enjoyed your pictures of travels and your food looks delicious!


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