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sábado, 4 de dezembro de 2021

Advent blogging - day 4 - E as voltas?

Isn't it this blog called às voltas no mundo, something like around the world? So where have I been lately?

Easy answer... nowhere! Probably as many of you. We went on a one-month trip to Indochina just before the pandemic started and after that, we have travelled very little and mostly in Sweden. The only time we were abroad was last summer when we finally managed to fly to Portugal and see my family. 

Flying felt terrible. Not the actual flying, but being among crowds again, like in the airports. It was all worth it though, especially when I could finally hug my sister again. It was nice to be at home! We rented a house in the Douro valley and explored some new places (for me) there. 

We ran among vinyards, we found new viewpoints, we picnicked at sunset and most important of all, we enjoyed each other's company. 

The Douro river and its surroundings is a special place. The river is surrounded by mountains, which are covered by vineyards and charming stony houses. There are trails to be walked, but also small roads to be driven. If you have never been there I highly recommend it, because no picture I show here will ever be able to show what it really is like there.

Tea behind the window: ghost green

Oreo behind the window: chocolate hazelnut candy bar 

Running: 30 minutes (window 6)

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  1. Lucky that you still managed a trip to Portugal in the Summer. The Douro area is beautiful indeed.

    1. Yes, we were really happy for that trip, as we hadn't been with my family for more than a year and a half. The Douro never disappoints!


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