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terça-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2021

Advent blogging - day 6 - Rasmus, the cat

Rasmus is the neighbourhood's cat. He is the king, this is his kingdom and we are his servants. He walks around in his slow rhythm but imposing attitude. He stops and charms everyone he meets in his way so that he gets petted. When rubbing himself on human legs doesn't work, he lays down, showing his belly and stretching his paw in an irresistible way, so that even the coldest creature will stop and look at him. And pet him, hopefully.

Rasmus lives next door to us, but he loves to visit and take naps in our flat. He is a very fair king because he helps with some daily chores, in order to pay for his stay.

He helps turn the page when I read magazines. 

He helps unbox deliveries (a cat classic).

He helps flat the pillows and levels the back of the sofa.

He helps untangle cables. 

On a good day, he might even help us with work. 

Once he clicked in a complex combination of keys that turned my screen upside down. That lead to a really funny and somewhat stressful 5 minutes, but we managed to make it right again. Through the screen settings, not the keyboard - that's limited to Rasmus.

He helps me stretch and exercise. 

And best of all... he keeps us company!

All in all, this is the perfect symbiosis! Rasmus loves the extra attention and we love having him around sometimes!

Tea behind the window: Punchy Peppermint

Oreo behind the window: hazelnut chocolate ball 

Running: Given that I ran for a lot of windows tomorrow, I took a rest day today, but I open window 13 - because I feel lucky that I can do such running adventures :)

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