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terça-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2021

Advent posting - Day 11 - The forest

My training program said double runs today and I sneaked quietly out of bed to run the first one. The sky was waking up and I felt small among the giant trees. The forest was quiet, white, and beautiful. And it was all mine. Most days I leave the broad paths, popular among fellow runners and hikers, preferring the tiny trails between the trees, streams, and the contrast of the hard roots against the soft moss. Not this morning. This morning I circled the lake, half-frozen, quiet and peaceful. 

By 9:30 I was back at home ready for breakfast. Two hours later I would go out again and do my second session, choosing the tiny trails this time, because the broad ones were busy and the forest was no longer only mine. 

A brilliant beginning of the weekend if you ask me. 

Tea behind the window: Post-party refresh (Party? What party?)

Orea behind the window: choc haze bar

Running: 97 + 23 minutes (Window 22)

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  1. Two runs in one day!Madness! Fabulous photos though.

    1. Yeah, it has happened a few times with my new training program. The key is in the low intensity and high levels of joy :)


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