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quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2021

Advent posting - day 9 - Work enviroment

 Work takes up a lot of time of our lives (at least of mine) and work environment questions are, therefore, quite important. I was recently chosen as work environment representative for my institution and although it was a bit scary at first and I must confess that I'm kind of enjoying it now. 

I get to go everywhere and stick my nose in everyone's workspaces. The goal is to point out things that can be improved, make sure laws and recommendations are followed, and even listen to people's problems. However, at the same time, I get to see how other people work and carry those ideas to my very own "regular" work. It's not always easy, as there are a lot of laws to be followed when it comes to chemicals and all things safety related to that, but I do learn a lot as well. 

The start materials and the labels are ready for the production of hand sanitiser.

Today I did a kind of inspection in my own department, which was quite weird at first but interesting afterwards, as I could see things with different eyes for the first time. 

At some point, I was reminded that once upon a time, in the very early days of the pandemic, we couldn't buy hand sanitiser because it was constantly out of stock. A few people at work, willing to help and to do something useful, managed to create a small production line of hand sanitiser and sent it to where was needed then, I think some went to the nearest hospital and some to elderly houses nearby.

It felt good to be able to help and to show the world that chemistry is a very useful and important part of our lives. 


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